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Music Creator

Bob is a successful songwriter, composer, instrumentalist, singer and producer whose songs and music have been added to the libraries of Worldwide Publishers and have won many awards in International Songwriting Contests.  He has played in bands and performed his own material to theatre audiences in the UK.  His music has been played on BBC Local Radio Stations and on internet Country radio stations.  His work includes collaborations with artists from the US, UK and S. Africa.  


The Guild Of International Songwriters and Composers invited Bob to write and demo a song to be presented to Sir Cliff Richard in October 2018 at the Royal Albert Hall .

2019 was a milestone in Bob's songwriting career when a collaboration with Cat Lamondt, performed by Claudine Nelson - Winner of Voice Of Namibia 2018 - was an international release. 


Summer 2019 saw the first collaboration with top US songwriter, Susan Odella, with her song Falling Away. 

In February 2021 the song Keep The Faith was a winner in a songwriting challenge set by the Guild Of International Songwriters and Composers to write a song about Hope.


Plans are in progress for Bob's songs and collaborations to be released during 2021.

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