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My Albums

You will find all my albums listed below.  Songs can be listened to for free and are available to purchase as singles @ £1 or as an album for £5.99.
Thank you in advance for any purchases.  Any problems, don't hesitate to contact me at

Favourite Singles

Favourite Singles_edited.jpg

An album full of favourite singles to listen to and/or download.  Can be purchased individually - as can all my songs - or purchased as a complete album.

Back To A Younger Me

This album came out at the end of 2022.  Many of my personal favourite songs of the Country and Americana genre are on here.
Back To A Younger Me shows my age!  It is autobiographical, the good times being trips to California in the 70's and Alberta several times in the 70's and 80's, the things I Never Thought I'd Face are wrapped up in certain attitudes and ideology acceptable to a minority today.  
Under Her Wing is a particular favourite which has really resonated with many.  It reached the Finals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

However, each song has it's own personal reason to be included here.  I hope you enjoy the album.  


A complete contrast of style and genres, these pieces range from Classical to Latin Rock, from a Gaelic feel to music from Scotland.  

Rock N Country

Rock N Country Album.jpg

A mix of Contemporary Country, Country Rock and Folk songs.  This album includes my first song of 2023, We Have Been Young, a reminder that whatever you are going through we have probably been there and are holding out a helping hand to you.

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